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About Us

We are a family-owned and operated business that sells sports cards, hobby boxes, and live case breaks. We are known around the region for doing live card breaks.

We have been in the hobby for years as collectors ourselves but wanted to provide a way for almost anyone to buy what they love. Wax N Packs LLC is committed to providing our customers with great service, quick shipping, and unbeatable prices on all of their collectibles, as well as an amazing breaking event!

“Breaks are a great addition to the card collecting world as it allows the player to get exposure to products and cards that might be a rare sight to see.”

As a company, we strive to put customers first and want you to be happy with your purchases. That’s why if ever you have questions about an order or had some kind of unsatisfactory experience while shopping or breaking cards here, just let us know; we’re doing everything in our power to keep things right for people who love us.

We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all collectible sports cards and live card breaking! Whether you’re a fan of baseball, basketball, football, or soccer: we’ve got something to suit every taste and budget! We know that accumulating collectibles is a personal experience for everyone, and our staff of professionals are here to help.

Styles of Breaks we offer!

With the popularity of card breaks, the types of breaks out there are almost anything you can dream up.

  • Team Break – Simply pick your team, and you get all cards from your team. Prices vary per team.
  • Random Break – All prices are the same, and your purchase entitles you to one randomized team. Teams are randomized live using
  • Random Groupings BreakSimilar to a random break! Except the break is broken down into groups and randomly done live.
  • Draft StyleThis one is fun! We random all names (purchases), and then on our forum, one by one, everyone picks their favorite team till it’s done


Meet Cameron Robbins – CEO of Wax N Packs LLC.
“It is worth spending on what you love.” – Cameron Robbins

Wax N Packs LLC was created to turn our love for sports cards into a business. The founder always loves collecting different sports cards, which brought him to turn this hobby into something more interesting. With James Tuttle being an equal partner with Cameron Robbins, Wax N Packs LLC was created from scratch! Cameron and James are equal partners in the business and have been amazing friends for more than 8 years. With barely any knowledge of what it took to create an entire company from scratch, Cameron & James were eager for challenges and rewards; and believed that this is exactly why people should always follow their passion.

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